Saturday, April 4, 2009

Florida Uncorks Mercer's Wine Ice Cream

Mercer's Wine Ice Cream made its Florida début at the 2009 Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show in West Palm Beach. The "WOW" factor was in full effect as we sampled our 6 varietals non-stop on Saturday, March 28th for 9 hours and Sunday, March 29th for 7 hours. We ran out of fact sheets & business cards as people took this collateral stating, "I'm taking this information to my Publix/Whole Foods/Total Wine/Albertsons' manager to request they carry Mercer's Wine Ice Cream." As we said to so many of you over those 2 days, if you build it we will come...customer demand that is. We will get there with your help. A 'hottie' came up to the booth and said, "Are you kidding me, if you could add sex to this all of my needs would be satisfied." A woman said, "The Chocolate Cabernet Wine Ice Cream is so good I would like to bathe in it." What will they say next...this is where you come in. Please share your experience with others by posting your comments. Thanks to all of you for uncorking your taste buds with Mercer's Wine Ice Cream. Cheers!!!


  1. Congratulations on another FANTASTIC event with Mercers Wine Ice Cream!! What a fabulous product and I'm thrilled to see the 'word' is getting out! As for the 'hottie' - what a riot! I'm sure he'll be enjoying all of your flavors!! I had the Royal White Riesling last night and LOVED every minute of it!! Hard to stop eating it once I start!

  2. I like ROyal White Riesling.It could be mistaken for a dish of vanilla,but one bite tells you that something very subtle is going on. You’d want to taste this first: The Riesling used is a light one, and this is the lightest of the wine flavors. People who want the tiniest hint of wine will prefer it. It’s delicious, but if you want a bigger wine hit, try one of the other flavors.

    On the other hand, if you want a wine ice cream to top a pie, crumble or chocolate cake, this may be your best bet. There’s enough wine to be alluring, and not enough to conflict with the assertive flavors of the pie or cake. I like it with Cuban cigars,the Best Cigars in the world.