Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bring in the New Year with Mercer's Cherry Merlot Wine Ice Cream Cherries Jubilee...Could the Year Start Out Any Better?

Still trying to figure out how you are going to bring in the New Year? Think no more - how about a little Fire and Ice...Cream! Blow your guests away with an over the top performance and taste. Cherries Jubilee topped with, no - not vanilla, MERCER'S CHERRY MERLOT WINE ICE CREAM! Paula Deen, one of my favorite chefs and a woman that doesn't worry about cutting any corners on taste has a simple but yummy recipe for Cherries Jubilee but we are going to kick Mrs. Deen's recipe up a notch.

Paula Deen's Cherries Jubilee

1/2 stick butter
1/4 cup sugar
1 Tblsp corn starch
1 16-oz can pitted cherries (fresh or frozen)
1/4 cup of brandy
MERCER'S CHERRY MERLOT WINE ICE CREAM (this is where we take over - Paula needs to know about our ice cream & she will never use vanilla again!)

Directions: Drain cherries, reserving all the juice. Melt butter in a saute pan. Stir in cornstarch and sugar until smooth. Gradually stir in the reserved cherry juice. The mixture will thicken up. When it boils, pour in the brandy and turn off the heat. Light the brandy in the pan with a lighter or long match. When the flame dies down, stir in the cherries and serve over MERCER'S CHERRY MERLOT WINE ICE CREAM.

Who needs a toast when you have this to celebrate with! Cheers!

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  1. The Cherry Merlot is pure Heaven in a bowl! Pair it up with anything Paula Deen (my fave!) and you have pure culinary ecstasy! Yeah... I'm loving Mercers!